Pain….Lots of Pain!

So last night my wife sent me a link and Double Dog Dared me to loose weight. Now this is something I have wanted to do for some time, but have put off. Today I decided to get really serious and commit to this. Here is Knoxville there is a Masters swim team. A Masters swim team is for adults of all ages. I have been looking at joining a masters team for some time, but to be honest never have taken the step to go to a practice. This morning I did!

I got to the University of TN early. Practice starts at 11:30, and I wanted to be a little early to check out the pool and talk to the coach. I met Coach Tyler. He and I chatted for a few minutes and he got me set up with some paperwork and a team schedule. C. Tyler told me the team was a good team and a good mix of ages. There were around 50 team members and practice attendance varied from around 10 to 50 people showing up to practice.

Today there were around 25 people there. Knowing my swimmers rules, and knowing I would be one of the slowest swimmers there since I had not practiced in years I sucked up my pride and took the outside lane.

NOTE: For those of you who dont know swimmer rules, the middle lane is always considered and reserved for the fastest swimmers, while the outside lanes are for slower swimmers.

Once people started showing up I felt a little out of place. I didn’t know anyone, and this was my first practice in years. I knew I was going to suck. However much to my surprise everyone was very friendly. People came up shook my hand asked my name and introduced themselves. Then they invited me to swim in one of the middle lanes, closer to the group. I quickly caught onto the fact that what I knew about swimmer rules meant nothing here! Which was both terrifying and calming at the same time. At least with the rules I knew where my place was. Throw the rules out the window and I had no idea.

The practice was passed out, and I tool a look at the outline of what was to come. It seemed like a basic practice.

600 warm up Swim/Kick/Pull
16 50 on the 130
2x 200 – 100 BK Pull
100 BR Pull
400 Kick 100 FR BK BR FL

I think I am missing a set or two in there, and there were times attached to each set that I cant remember, but you get the idea.

I jumped into the water, and let me tell you it felt WONDERFUL! Water has always been my element, and to be in it a surrounded by it felt great!

Then the pain began.

It wasn’t the actual workout that hurt, however my shoulders right now feel like jello. It was trying to breath. I just quit smoking over 4 weeks ago, and let me tell you smoking did nothing to help my practice today. There were times I really felt I couldn’t breath. I one point my body needed air so bad that I tried to breath under water. NOT a good idea. As practice went on my lung got a little better but I was still having to breath every stroke. I usually breath every three strokes.

However bottom line I made it through my first swim practice without the Lifeguard having to drag me out, and I get to go do it all over again tomorrow!

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