Two Things

SO the first thing is I got up this morning and got on the scale and saw that I have already met my goal this week of loosing 5 lbs. The week is only half way done so if I keep this pace up maybe I can double that!?!?!

Second thing is I felt like an idiot the other day. I bought a PS3 system a few days ago, and it comes with one controller. The controller had a cord to plug into the system. I really wanted a wireless controller because my TV and couch are a good distance apart from one another. So I would either have to pull my system out as far as the cords would reach or I would have to sit on the floor. Both options I did not like.

It was getting so annoying that the other day I came very close to buying a wireless controller. That is until I looked at the underside of my current controller. It said “wireless controller” I unplugged the cord and guess what???? It worked. I had had a wireless controller the whole time.

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