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My Office for the day
My car for the day
It was brought to my attention this week that I travel a lot. This is really not anything new to me. I have been traveling since almost day one of my employment at Healey. However during a conversation I had someone asked where I work. They wanted to know if I had an office. If I did have an office did I ever see it. So to answer a few questions…….

Q. Do you have an office?
A. Yes I have an office. It is located at the Unitrac Building in Knoxville TN

Q. Do you ever see your office?
A. Yes I do, but not as much as I would like to.

Q. Where do you work when you are on the road?
A. My car, an office trailer, hotel or local restaurant.

Q. Can I see all the places you work?
A. Yes you can!

Because of this question I have decided to start something on this blog showing what my office is for the day. It could be really cool one day and really boring the next so be warned.

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