Star Wars Question

I am currently watching Return of the Jedi, and some interesting questions just popped into. At the beginning of the movie you are introduced to Jabba the Hutt. Jabba likes to have women dressed in very little bikinis dance in front of him. As I was watching the movie I suddenly found this habit odd. Why would Jabba want human women to dance and dress sexy for him. He is not even human. He is more of a slug if anything. Could Jabba and a human women even conceive? Some how I doubt this very much. If Jabba and humans are not of the same species would Jabba even find a human women attractive? I mean do you find a dog or a cat attractive? If you do seek professional help soon.

Later in the movie Luke Skywalker enters Jabbas palace. He attempts to negotiate with Jabba for Han Solo’s release. The negotiations go badly, and Luke uses the force to grab a blaster. Why didnt Luke just wear his lightsaber into Jabbas palace. Why did he give R2D2 his lightsaber? What if Jabba had decided to execute them and R2D2 was not around? The light saber would have been very helpful when dealing with the Rancor!

Speaking of the Rancor, why di Luke use a rock to lower the gate onto the Rancor and not use The Force? Why does he not use the force to strangle the rancor as he does to the guards when he enters Jabbas palace.

Final thought….After Luke and the gang land on the Endor Moon Darth Vader comes to the Emperor and tells him that Luke is on the moon and has felt his presence. The Emperor replies that it is strange that he has not felt Lukes presence, and then tells Vader that he has foreseen that Luke will come to him on the Endor Moon. Does this seem like a contradiction?

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