What to Do?!?!?

So I am now moved in to my apartment in WA. It only took me a day or two to get all the boxes unpacked. However now I am putting off hauling all the boxes piled up in myy spare room out to the dumpster. Other then that I like my new apartment. The complex is quiet, and very green.

Other then that I really dont know much about the area. I did a search online for things to do and found several options.

Geocaching – There are several caches in the area, and I do have two travel bugs I need to place.

Ren Fair – There is a Ren Fair going on about 45 minutes from here, and this is their last weekend. Now I know most of you would think that I would jump at the chance to geek out, but to be honest I am not. All my “stuff” for ren fairs is back east, and geeking out is really only fun when you are amongst friends.

IKEA – There is an IKEA store in Portland and I have never been to one. Several of my friends back east have all encouraged me to go. Here is the problem I do need furniture but IKEA is not really in style for what Terra and I like.

Dagorhir – There is a local Dag Chapter here that meets in about two hours, but I run into the same problem with garb, it all back east. I do have two Dag weapons, but I dont really have anything to fight with.

Role Playing – There is a local Role Playing group that is meeting tonight at a library. Now I had a lot of positive experiences when I joined the role playing group in Knoxville and might have the same here. I dont know though.

GI Joe – I could go see a movie but I really am not a fan of movies solo.

So overall I have a great deal of choices, but I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

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