This morning I was going through my normal Monday tasks, when I got an email advising me of a new standard going into effect January 1, 2010. With the new year right around the corner I decided to read the regulation. The regulation is on reporting equipment incidents to the FRA. In the regulation an incident is defined in the following words.

“A “rail equipment accident/incident” is a collision, derailment, fire, explosion, act of God, or other event involving the operation of railroad on-track equipment (standing or moving) that results in damages to railroad on-track equipment, signals, tracks, track structures, or roadbed.”

Does anyone else see something strange about this definition?

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  1. Aside from being rather broad (essentially anything that causes damage), it is odd that it doesn't cover injuries to people. Are those covered under some other policy?

  2. Back during my previous life as a paralegal, this particular phrase crept in quite a bit in the context of liability and contracts. More recently, I have seen it used quite a bit in insurance policies; particularly homeowner's policies.

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