Ice Skating Trip

Terra and I decided to go ice skating a few nights ago. While we were driving there we passed by what looked like a neighborhood filled with Christmas lights. I love looking at Christmas lights, and did a quick u-turn. When we got back to the neighborhood we found out it was actually a park filled with all sorts of lights. We paid our entrance fee and spent about 45 minutes driving through the park looking at some very cool lights.

After we looked at lights we headed to the ice rink and had a great time. The ice probably could have used a smoothing over, but all the same it was fun. Terra tried to get me to fall down a couple times because as she said she wanted me to do something funny. I did not follow through with her request and stayed up the whole time.

Come January Terra and I are planning on taking some classes at the rink. Terra will be taking some figure skating lessons, and I am joining a beginners hockey team.

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