David and Marysol’s Visit

So about a year ago my friend Marysol called me with an idea. Marysol is married to one of my best friends David. The three of us severed our missions together in the California Ventura mission. David was my trainer, and we have stayed friends ever since. So anyways Marysol called me with an idea. Davids birthday is December 15, and according to Marysol he has always felt his birthday took second place to Christmas. I can understand this because my sister has the same birthday and she feel the same way. So the idea was she and David would fly down for his birthday and it would be a total surprise to David. So for almost a year she and I kept this secret, and David NEVER knew. What was funny was about a week before he and Marysol were to be flying in I talked to David and he was telling me what his “plans” were for his week off. Little did he know those “plans” would not be happening.

So once they got here we had a great time. We spent a good deal of time in Seattle going to the aquarium and the Bodies Exhibit. I dont have any pictures of the Bodies exhibit because they dont allow cameras inside. Going to see Bodies was very interesting. What I found interesting was out of around a dozen full bodies they were all male except one female. When I pointed this out to Terra at first she didn’t notice and then she also thought it was odd.

While we were at the aquarium we watched an octopus being fed and that was very cool. Terra really enjoyed the otters and wondered aloud if she could have one as a pet. After the aqaurium we had dinner at Fishermans. This was a great place to eat. Had some of the BEST food I have had in a VERY long time. Terra and I plan on going back as soon as we can. While we were in Seattle we saw several

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