7. Calvin and Hobbs

Here is an interview with the creator of Calvin and Hobbs. What a great comic to read. I didn’t always feel this way however. When I was young many people said I was a lot like Calvin. I didn’t have a lot of friends, I enjoyed boxes, playing in the creek or field, I had a tree house that I had built, I also had put together a VERY shoddy club house on the side of our house one year as well, and at some point in my childhood my parents gave me a stuffed tiger that I named Hobbs.

My parents were the ones who introduced me to Calvin and Hobbs, and when I first read the comic I was not a fan. My parents tell the story that I walked into their room one night and said that I didn’t understand why they liked Calvin and Hobbs because he was so rude. About 1.2 seconds later my parents were laughing so hard they couldn’t even respond. Eventually I came around and grew to love that comic strip. Most afternoons when I was in high school I would come home from school, pour myself a glass of milk, get out the chips and ranch dip and spend maybe 30 minutes snacking while I read Calvin and Hobbs. We had every single book ever put out and after many many years of use they were well read.

When Terra and I got married my parents got me the complete collection of Calvin and Hobbs. This has made several friends very jealous, but I am willing to share.

Sometimes I like to think of the comic Zits as Calvin all grown up, but even Zits cant replace Calvin and Hobbs.

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