9. Star Wars RPG

This afternoon I am going to be running a Star War RPG Game. I have never run a Star Wars game before, but I have been a player in one. I am a little concerned about the outcome of this afternoons game for a few different reasons.

1. To date there are 5 people RSVP for the game, and I have never met one of them. Having new players show up to a game is always a hit or miss experiance. When I started my RPG Group online it took a couple of months to collect enough members and create a solid consistent group that would show up every week. For the most part we play Shadowrun, but recently I tried to encourage other games as well, and it was met with only marginal success. The problem with starting a new game is you have to continue showing up rain or shine, people or no people until you get a solid group of players. Given that I already am GM for Shadowrun, a player in a Serenity RPG, and our weekly WoW meetup is done at my house every week, Im am concerned with how much energy I will have for another game.

2. I have no idea what kind of characters my players are going to play. Why is this important? It makes a big deal when writing the adventure. If all my p[layers are playing Sith then I dont want to write an adventure for Jedi and Vise Verse.

3. From the conversation we have had on our online forum board I dont think any of the players RSVP have ever played Star Wars before. Which means the first few sessions will be a learning game session with a lot of book referencing.

All in all I am excited but concerned about how the game will go. More to follow afterward.

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  1. Colin here.Have the first session be character creation. This will give you an opportunity to talk to them about the kinds of characters your people want to play and make sure everyone's on the same page.Mark got his Star Wars game going again, BTW. We explained your character's absence by having him go over to the Sith in the first session. 😉

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