14. A Long Night and Day

So last night I was helping a friend lay tile in her store. The store is open until nine and we cant start until at or near closing. So I headed out a little before 9 and got there to find a full crowd of people. Gabbie (my friend) was holding a card tournament, and it was running late. Even though the store was full Gabbie and I decided to get started. We stripped the laminate flooring, pulled up the the tar paper, and swept up. Now that the floor was prepped we mixed the mud and laid out our tile. Gabbie and I have a good system going. I pull the mud and she comes in after and lays the tile. We had just layed our first tile when we heard a strange noise come from the gaming area. One of Gabbies gamers was having a stroke. Gabbie and I jumped up and offered aid. Most of this was helping some of the gamers keep calm. Most had never seen someone have a seizure before and were a little frightened. After 15 minutes our seizure guy was still having trouble coming out of the fog so I called 911 and transferred care over to the guys who get paid. The got there in record time, and were very nice.

Once they left Gabbie and I still had a ton of tile to lay and had lost about an hour and a half prepping and dealing with our seizure friend. But we carried on and finished, more or less, around one in the morning. I say more or less because we had a bad batch of tiles that was to big so we could not finish the section. We also had a bag of mud that didn’t like me and did not want to mix right. It was VERY thick despite copious amounts of added water and mixing, and this made setting the tile hard. But even with set backs we got a good portion of the section laid.

Terra and I drifted off to sleep shortly after that. I say sleep, but thats not right. What I should say is Terra got to sleep. I got a nap. My alarm woke me at 4:30, and after hitting snooze two or three times I was out the door and on the way to work at 5:30. It was a long but full day.

As I drove home I remembered I needed to run today to stay current with my training. I can not even begin to describe how much my body screamed at me to NOT go running today. Terra and I have started running with a local group here on Tuesday and Saturdays. Today was their speed workout. Speed training was pretty much THE LAST thing my body wanted to do, but I got home threw on my workout clothes and hit the ground running. I did a total of 5.35 miles at or around a 10 minutes pace give a few seconds. I say at or around because I started my program and left it on and there were two sections where we as a group were just standing around waiting for others to get there. This standing around screwed up my recorded pace by a large amount. When the whole run was finished my program told me I was running an average of a 15 minute mile. This is far from accurate. Next time I will utilize the pause button.

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