26. Happy Star Wars Day-Share A Story

Today is Star Wars day (May the 4rth be with you). As many of you know I am an avid Star Wars fan, and have been since the first time I ever saw the movies. It was Star Wars that started me down my path of being a geek. My favorite Star Wars movie is Return of the Jedi, followed by A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. I used to….Im sorry what did you ask? You asked me about the prequel Star Wars films? What prequel Star Wars films? Oh thats right you mean those movies that include Jar Jar Binks, and turned The Force into a parasite.

Are you talking about those movies? Well I think those movies can spend the rest of their lives in the cold depths of HELL where they belong! Does that answer your question?

Now where was I? Thats right I was talking about the REAL Star Wars movies. I remember being a kid and wanting my very own light saber…heck I am now and adult (maybe in age but some might argue that point) and I still want a Light Saber!

I love watching you tube videos of Light Saber fights. Some of my favorite are Ryan vs Dorkman, Ryan vs Dorkman 2, Ryan vs Brandon, and Ryan vs Brandon 2. There are others out there on the net both good and bad, but all of them tell me that if Light Sabers were real there would be a lot of people lining up at the Star Wars store for one.

I also remember as a kid spending time really concentrating on trying to move objects with the force. It of course never worked, but there is still that little bit of hope that one day it will.

What is it about Star Wars that everyone loves? Every person has their own story so this post is for everyone to share an experience they had with Star Wars, and explain why Star Wars is so awesome. Post all your stories in the comments section and let the awesomeness begin!

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