27. You Can Find Geeks Everywhere

This year is my 10 year High School reunion. When I was in High School I, like many other teenagers in my class, didn’t really know who I was, and hid a lot of the things that really made me happy. My High School class was very small, and it was hard not to be noticed, and/or known at Northwest. While my High School was not your normal everyday High School, we did have your normal everyday teenager personalities. We had the popular kids, show offs, and over achievers. We also had your average, unpopular, and loners as well. Bottom line in our very small class we had just about every teenage stereotype you could think of.

Now I was not friends with a lot of kids in my High School class. Most of my friends were in the class above me, but I did have a few friends in my class. After High School with the exception of only a few people I really didn’t keep in touch with anyone from High School. To be honest I didn’t really have any interest in doing so. Then Face Book came out, and made it very easy to stay connected with people from your past. Once I got onto Face Book I was hit with a ton a friend requests from people I had known in High School. I had no issue accepting these friend requests, but what surprised me was who I was getting friend requests from. Most of the friend requests were coming from people I really didn’t know very well and/or didn’t get along with in High School. Again I didn’t have a problem accepting friend request from these people. I figured the past was the past, and most of all of us did things in High School we were not proud of.

As I have connected with these High School friends I have had the opportunity to talk to several of them. What has surprised me is how those people I was friends with in High School I don’t really have much in common with anymore. Not everyone, but some of them. The people I have connected with and started new friendships with are people that, in High School, I had NOTHING in common with, and some I even hated.

I tell you all this to build up to the conversation I had last night with a friend of mine from High School. She is not one of the people I no longer have anything in common with, just in case you were wondering. She did however marry someone that also went to High School with us. He was somewhat of a loner, and I must confess I was a little intimidated by him over the course of my High School career. I never thought that these two would get together, and I thought even less that he and I would EVER have anything in common. I had nothing against him whatsoever, I just felt we would never connect on anything. Well I was WRONG! My friend told me last night that he loves comics, enjoys gaming, and is an all around geek. I couldn’t believe it! However it seems to be true. I told my friend that I would really like to get together with them next time we are in Charlotte. Its nice to know you can find Geeks even when you don’t expect to find them!

Oh and by the way I went and picked up a new Green Lantern trade today because of that conversation. I am just now getting back into comics after many years without, and my friend mentioned that her husband really liked Green Lantern. Soooooo I had some birthday money to spend, and hopped over to the comic book shop and picked up a new X-Men Trade, a Green Lantern Trade, and the newest issue of The Shield.

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  1. So true. I didn’t go to HS in the U.S. I reconnected with most of my ex-classmates via facebook. People who cared about me back elementary and high school still cared about me now. But what surprises me is that I am able to have meaningful facebook chats with people who barely knew me in HS . . . I guess we grow into similar people as we age . ..

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