50. An Awesome Post Every Geek MUST Read!!!

Welcome one and all to Friday. The day of the week we all work so hard to get to. I know many of you are wondering how to spend you weekend, and I would like to help. Please take a moment to review the following items for purchase. I am sure each and everyone hold hours of fun for the Geek inside you.

Item #1 – Nerd Soap

My friend Amy over at Geek with Curves brought my attention to these WONDERFUL products. Thank you Amy! Amy writes…

“Let’s face it. There is a certain stereotype about nerds. As with all stereotypes, sometimes it’s true and sometimes it’s not. I know that after a four+ hour gaming session, usually stuffed in a small room with five or more people, I have smelled less like roses and more like Doritos, Chipotle, and Mountain Dew. Among other scents. I’ve been to comic book and gaming stores that have smelled like they put a bottle of ogre-produced BO in the ventilation system. But happily that was only one smelly store in at least seven stores that smelled of nothing at all. Oh, and conventions. I don’t have to tell you about that.”

Amy is so right here. Having been a fan of cons like Dragoncon, Comic Con, Adventure Con, and others you dont know funky smells till you have attended a convention! Luckily the folks over at Luxury Lane Soap and Geeky Clean have us Geeks, Nerds and Dorks covered!

Item #2 – Geek Leak – The Perfect Gift For Any WoW Addict

OK so I saw this I couldnt help but remember the South Park: World of Warcraft episode. “Mom, Bathroom! BATHROOM!!” Anyone who has spent anytime around MMORPG games knows at least one person that this would be the perfect gift for!

Item #3 – Bobba Fetts Blaster Rifle

Now we cant forget our cosplay friends who like to dress up as their favorite characters from TV, Movies, and Book. Make sure to get any Bobba Fett Fan his very own Blaster Rifle.

Item #4 – A Laser Light Saber

My friends over at The Great White Snark say it best “How could this possibly go wrong?!?!?”

I think this is going to become a regular addition here at Geeks Anonymous. Each and every friday we will post a few items that are both good and bad. Prouducts that can make or break our tender Geeky hearts. Untill next Friday enjoy!

2 thoughts on “50. An Awesome Post Every Geek MUST Read!!!

  1. #2: For *any* WoW addict? Here, as in camping/hiking, us girls are just screwed.

    #4: Does it cut through walls? Then I’m not interested. Really, though, how long until we hear about some stupid accident involving one of those? Only Jedi are qualified to wield them…

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