52. A Few Thoughts On Writing

Over the last few months I have really been enjoying writing. I write in many different places, this blog being one of them. I have had a blog in one aspect or another since 2005. Until recently I have always struggled being a writer of a blog, mostly because I never knew what to write. I would post on things like what I did that day, or rant about something that happened at work, but I never really enjoyed it. It wasn’t until I started writing about being a Geek that I really started enjoying writing.

What also helped is when I stopped worrying about what other people thought about my writing, and just wrote in my own particular style and wrote about things that I enjoyed. Let me explain, in my life I am surrounded by a number of different kinds of writers. My dad, who has always wanted to be a full time writer, has a very factual way of writing. I have often thought he would be a great writer of history. My Brother-in-Law Matt has a VERY researched and well thought out writing style. However many of his posts are not in my interest field. This is not a bad thing at all. I can read his writing, and my Dads writing and appreciate their passion, and the time and effort they put into what they write. For the longest time I wanted to write similar to the way Matt and my Dad write. It wasn’t my writing style. Going deeper I always wanted a high readership. I wanted to know that what I was writing was important to someone. I tried for years to write outside of my style and post on topics that held no interest to me. I never got any good readership base. Since starting this blog I have written about topics that I enjoy and I have written them in a style I find comfortable. What I find interesting is I am keeping a higher readership then ever before, and I am enjoying my writing.

I think its important for each writer to discover what their writing style and write that way. That doesn’t mean that they cant improve their writing and develop better skills, but trying to write outside your writing style is like trying to talk in a different voice then your own. It just doesn’t work. Its also important to write about what you love, without it you are just going to write crap.

Yesterday one of my friends suggested we start our own writing group here in Olympia. I liked the idea. Given that I will be one of those writers that an editor will be most important, the thought of having a group I could run drafts of my writing by was great. Also given that I am trying to finish my first book by years end its will help with my motivation. When I started toying with the idea of being a writer I was not attracted to the idea of the writer working alone with no one to help him. As I have started writing more I have been stunned at how open the writing community is. Many of my favorite bloggers have started to refer to some of my posts, as well as shoot me emails with ideas for things to post on. I am in contact with two of my favorite authors on twitter and they shoot me suggestions on different writing tools any time I have asked. Even within my own group my friends who also write have been great. I wrote a story the other day and read it to them, and they were positive and encouraging. While the aspect of writing has its moments where its just you and the words on the screen, I have been happy with how open the writing community is and has been.

Thank You!

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