53. Weekend Geek Products

There are a lot of people out there who enjoy a good bathroom read. Some enjoy novels, or magazines, maybe even a newpaper, but what about comics. Knowing that comics can be valuable some may not want to expose them to the hazards of the bathroom. So for those of you like that here is the product for you!

Being a HUGE Star Wars fan I would REALLY like to have one of these! I had several of these in the small form when I was a kid. I actually had several Star Wars toys. Cant remember what happened to them though. Pre-Order one of these here

All Firefly fans should add one of these to their collection.

One thought on “53. Weekend Geek Products

  1. Ehhh the TP is kinda cool, I would only want the starwars toy if it was life size then id order 2,as for the chick with swords she be a lot more awesome if she was real like really real that be awesome…..lol ok that’s my 2cents

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