59. Kick, Punch, Strangle!!!

Dear Apple,
I have been a loyal fan of yours for several years. I have defended your products and software against what I thought were crazy PC lovers. I even went out and purchased your products when I really had no reason or need to have them. I purchased them because I thought they were good reliable products, and I wanted to support your company. Since you came out with the Iphone 4, and the new Iphone 4.0 software I have been becoming more and more frustrated with your company. First off I think that its complete bullshit that the Iphone 3G does not support multitasking. I personally think this is your companies way of forcing people to go out and buy ANOTHER Iphone. I recognize that its your company and you may do with it as you wish, but I find it VERY low! Second, ever since I installed the new Iphone 4.0 software I have been having problems with ALL of my apps. My GPS takes 3 ties as long to find signal, and most of the time the display does not work. My Ipod has started to sporadically playing songs with skips. It sounds like I am listening to a scratched CD. And finally my RunKeeper software has started failing, and randomly shutting down. This makes it almost impossible to accurately measure my performance. I have never come so close to throwing my Iphone into traffic, as I did today. I DID NOT have these issues BEFORE 4.0, and now I do. SO FIX IT!!!!

3 thoughts on “59. Kick, Punch, Strangle!!!

  1. Now the real question is did you actually send this to apple’s customer support (?)

    I, too, would be very upset. I still hold a grudge against Nintendo for when I realized they were milking the Pokemon franchise for all it was worth (and remade one of my favorite games into something Pokemon themed.)

  2. I got my first Mac last summer and I expected it to be all problem free compared to my previous PCs, as all the advertising promised. But six months in, it started having kernel panics, and not saving files when I told them to save, and repeatedly opening and closing certain applications, and it scratched up a disk in my disk drive… Everyone kept assuring me, “Oh, this is very rare for a Mac,” but that somehow didn’t make it better. Of course, it was under warranty and the Apple Genius people fixed it, but it took them six days and it was very annoying.

    Apple is good, but not infallible.

  3. A few things to consider:

    1.) Your iPhone 3G can’t multitask not because they decided that, but because the chip that powers the device isn’t powerful enough to efficiently handle the performance needs of multiple applications. After I received my iPhone 4, I jail-broke my old 3G and made it multi-task – not a wise move.

    2.) Your apps are having problems because the developers of those apps haven’t released updates to fix their issues with iOS4. I know you mentioned a few Apple apps that have issues as well, which seems weird, but the other apps they aren’t responsible for.

    3.) In the detailed info about iOS4, Apple mentions that it works best with iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS specifically. Problems arise on older models due to performance limitations.

    Just a few thoughts from a very happy iPhone 4 user 🙂

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