70. The Boys are Back

In case you missed this Nathan Fillion recently posted this picture on his twitter page. The thing is he didn’t explain why most of the boys from Firefly/Serenity were back together. This of course rekindled ever rumor that has ever existed about Firefly coming back to TV and a Serenity 2 movie.

Now my wife, and anyone who has known me for longer then 5 minutes will tell you I would be THRILLED is either one were to come true. Firefly was the first TV show I actually got upset about when it was taken off the air. Since then, whenever a really crappy show continues season after season (*Cough HEROS Cough*), I get really upset. I don’t understand how a crappy show can continue and great shows like Firefly only makes it out one season.

Firefly had so much that was left unsaid and unexplained. There were several but here are a few I really would like to have answers or more detail to.

1. Bishops Past – I think this is one of the most popular subjects. Where did Bishop come from? Why does he have alliance clearance? Since the Movie came out many people have theorized that Bishop was once an Operative. I guess this could be popular, but I really wish Joss would let everyone know what he was thinking.

2. Janes Past – I would have loved to have some more episodes about Janes past. I always thought having a bounty hunter go after Jane would be a great episode. Jane could try and take care of it on his own, but eventually would have to ask the crew for help.

3. Mal and Inara – Do I need to say more?

Anyways I would really love it if Firefly would come back, but until its official its just a wish.

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  1. I think Nathan Fillion is awesome. I never saw Firefly, but he was in a movie called Waitress. Quirky, very good.

    I think his abilities are wasted in that series Castle.

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