72. NY Jedi

Reclaiming the Blade – DVD2, Bonus Feature New York Jedi from Flynn on Vimeo.

I saw this group first appear on the movie Jedi Junkies. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about this group, however I have come to think its a cool idea. The reason being is this. It gets people out and gets them exercising. 2nd I think it shows a great deal of creativity on the founders part. He took an idea and a passion he loved and turned it into a business.

2 thoughts on “72. NY Jedi

  1. Wow. A little bit like LARPing in that, well, at least it gets people exercising. Some of it seems a little silly, like some of the people are giving it a little more importance than it deserves (for example, as far as the self-defense aspect of it goes, moves that would kill someone with a lightsaber would mostly only mildly hurt them with a plastic stick). That said… Heck, I want to be a Jedi. I want to do choreographed fights with a light saber. And it might be fun to have some Jedi friends, too.

  2. Having done LARPs in the past, there are always going to be those people who take it WAY to seriously. I think its because they are uncomfortable with themselves and so they grasp onto anything that takes them away from reality and makes them feel better. I know a little about what I am speaking of because once upon a time I was that guy.

    That being said for the rest of us out there, who wouldn’t want to have some cool light saber battles. I would do it!

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