79. DragonCon Explination

So I should probably explain why I am suddenly not going to DragonCon this year. As all of you know I look forward to DragonCon every year, and annoy everyone counting down the days. It is one of the best 4 days of the year for me. However, early this year my wife and I decided to make and stick to a budget. This really was more for me then her, as she has never had a problem being thrifty. Nevertheless I made a commitment that I would stick to a budget and I meant it. The budget was simple really. we had our expenses split up into food, rent, untilities, bills, etc. The rest of it was split between the two of us. Each week my wife and I would have a certain amount of money we could spend and a certain amount of money to put into a personal savings account. All the money that went into my personal savings account was for DragonCon.

A few weeks ago my wife reviewed our budget, and found that in the last 6 months I had overspent my bidget by 1100 bucks. Now 1100 buck over 6 months is not a huge amount, but it was clear I had not stuck to my budget. This really bothered me because I had made a promise to stick to a budget and I had not. So after some careful thought I reilized I could not go to DragonCon in good consious and spend more money. Not when I owed so much. As it was I was able to pay back almost all of what I overspent by emptying my personal savings account, and I hope to have the rest paid off in another week.

I want to make it clear, I made this decision on my own. It was more important to me to keep my word to myself and my wife then it was for me to go to DragonCon. I wish I could go, and will miss it a lot this year, but this was the right decision and I am happy with the choice I have made.

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