82. Podcast Update

There has been some confusion over a previous post of mine. The podcast that is refered to is not my podcast. You will note the post came from another website, and I was just re-posting it. Now that being said here is the scoop on my podcast being called The United Federation of Geeks Podcast. We have been having a VERY hard time with staffing issues. When I first came up with this idea I had a clear idea of who I wanted to be on this podcast with me. However due to work or personal obligation my original cast backed out. So I went with a plan B, and again had a bunch of back outs. So for a time I just put the podcast on the back burner, until the other day.

A few days ago I was having a conversation with a very good friend of mine. We were discussing some Geek related things, and then it hit me. He would be a perfect co-host for the podcast. I immediately brought this idea up to him, and he was VERY excited! SO he and I will be talking details this week, and I am hoping to have a product up and running here soon.

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