94. Book Update

Project: The Return
Current Words: 6,521
Words to Go: 93,479

So I started working on Chapter three. This is the first chapter that you meet the main characters right hand man. The Main Characters name is Adam, and back in the war his right hand guy was not a guy at all, but rather an alien. Its been many years since Adam and Talon have seen each other so this visit is unexpected. I really enjoy the dialogue that takes place between these two. It was very funny.

I also read chapter two to Terra over the weekend, and was surprised by Terra’s comments. She suggested that I make present day much longer since the war. Right now its set at 3 years since the ending of the war. She suggested 10 or so. Also she suggested that The Golden Army (The Bad Guys) offer for a surrender. I know that during the war The Golden Army wold have done that, but now I am not so sure. I see them more on a mission of revenge, and taking hostages is just not on the menu. Maybe I will change my mind I have to think about it.

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