96. An Ex On Facebook

So I, along with many other people have had those strange and random friend requests on facebook. Some of the oddest friend requests I have gotten are…

1. Ex Girlfriends-I dont mean every Ex. Some of the girls I dated just made better friends. However I was once sent a friend request by one Ex, and I couldnt belive this person had the guts and nerve to send me a request.

2. Friends of my Siblings – I get this one a lot. Friends of my siblings will friend request me just because I am in the same family as Jess, James, and Jennifer. Friends of Jenly have always been the oddest due to the age difference.

3. Friends of my Parents – Now I dont mean family friends. I am talking about people that my Dad used to work for, or people my Mom went to HS with.

All of these friend requests are WIERD!

4 thoughts on “96. An Ex On Facebook

  1. Amen, Jason. I think you just came up with a great set of ‘friending’ guidelines that should be formally adopted.

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