100. Last Nights Discussion

Last night was our weekly writers group. It felt good to get everyone together and talk about writing again. Last week only two of us had showed up, so we didn’t hold an official writers group meeting. Instead we just sat around and talked. With the last meeting a dud it has felt like ages since we did anything concerning writing, and it was good to see the group back. We were missing a couple people, but they were replaced by a new member, Hannah. I am always impressed when I see people muster up the courage and come out to these meetups not knowing anyone. I watch as they sit quietly listening to whats going on trying to find out if this group is worth a repeat visit. I know I am biased here, but I would like to think our group is one of the best when it comes to accepting and welcoming new members. Hannah was a nice addition to our group last night, and I enjoyed her writing, and comments throughout the evening.

Near the end of the night we were listening to Corinne read a fan fiction story that she wrote about the comic X-Men. The story is centered around Wolverine and Rouge. While Corinne is very knowledgeable about the X-Men universe most of the rest of the group is not. This created an interesting discussion that started with Devin asking a few questions. Most of his questions were centered around orienting himself to the back story of X-Men, but eventually he asked the following…

If the X-Men universe were real, why would anyone mess with the mutants? They have powers and abilities, and if anyone messed with them they could just blow them up.

This question sparked a wildfire of debate. What would happen if the X-Men universe were real? Would the government get involved? If they did would the succeed? Would mutants rise up and take over? If the government did succeed in keeping power would there be a fight between humans and mutants? Who would win?

These and many many more questions were posed last night. It was not your typical writers group, but I sure enjoyed it!

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