109. What inspires you in life? What makes you want to reach for the stars and do something truly extraordinary?

Throughout my life I have enjoyed putting projects together. The harder the project the better I enjoyed it. In fact if you really want to get me fired up tell me it cant be done. Tell me its impossible and I will prove you wrong!

Last February I became inspired to go to work for myself. I came to this conclusion for a few different reasons. While I am good at my job, and I find it a challenge some days I don’t feel like I am creating anything or building anything. I am not passionate about safety, just good at running a safety program. The idea of building my own business from the ground up excites me like little has in a long time. Working for myself sounds amazing!

Specifically I want to open my own comic book and gaming store. Its been a dream of mine for a long time, and I want to do it right. Gaming and stories and comics are something I love. Finding a good comic shop is so hard, and I was so lucky to have one right down the street from me when I moved here to Olympia.

Wanting to do this right I struck out to gather information from the world wide web. I was disappointed to find that so many people out there have the same dream as mine, but so few followed up by going through with their dream. I was also disappointed to find that many of those who did follow through hated the experience, and wrote in very negative tones about it, going as far as warning others from attempting such a feat. From what I have read so far those who hated the experience didn’t do enough research or start with enough money, and so had to suffer through those mistakes.

I have found a few helpful sites out there that have given me some great optimism and hope. I have even found a few blogs who have outlined step by step details on what is needed and what to expect. These are VERY useful! I am in the process of reading up on all of these wonderful sites and learning as much as I can. The more I can learn the better chances I have for being successful!

I am also really grateful to have my friend Gabi who has been an inspiration to me in my hope to one day own my own comic shop. Gabi owns the largest comics shop here in WA. She has worked really hard to make that shop a reality, and I can only hope that my future shop will be as successful.

What drives me in this is the need to work for myself, do something I enjoy, and create something out of nothing!

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