122. What To Do With My Day?

So Sunday is here, and I have about 6 hours before people start to show up for movie night. We are watching 2001 Space Odyssey on blue ray tonight. But I have 6 hours of freedom before anyone shows up, and I am considering what I should do with my day. I have several options.

1. I could start reading the book Hudson has reccommended, and get a post out on that.
2. I could email my brother in law Matt about our suggestions from our play test of his game.
3. I could start reading one of the 3 Dresden Files books that I just got.
4. I could continue watching Doctor Who episodes. I just started the seris last night, and liked it.
5. I could go to a NoMoWi first timers meeting.
6. I could knock out a few chapters of a story or my book.
7. None of the above.

So what do you all think I should do?

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One thought on “122. What To Do With My Day?

  1. Is this the one I am supposed to answer? Cuz if so I would go with 7. You’re supposed to be working on HP and nothing else. But I read the blogs back to Oct. 13th and nothing else popped out. And I looked at another blog thing and I didn’t see many new posts. Perhaps I am confused….help?

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