123. The Felicia Day Complex

So WordPress offers a number of different ways to see where the site traffic comes from on your blog. Each day I can look at my stats and see what posts people looked at, how many people came to my sites, and how many people came to my site after doing a search on a search engine. The search engine is the part I like the best, because I can see what phrase they typed into the search engine that directed them to my site. For the last several months the most popular search engine phrase that has sent site traffic to my blog has been….

Thats right Felicia Day! Our favorite geek girl is a very popular women on the internet, and on average sends over 100 people to my little blog in cyberspace. I am amazed at some of the search engine terms I see that send people to my blog. Just today these are the phrases that people searched for Felicia Day…

1. Felicia Day
2. “Felicia Day”
3. Felicia Day Hot
4. “Felicia Day Naked”
5. Red Head Felicia Day
6. Felicia Day Is Hot

I am amazed at how the Geek community is coming more and more out of the woodwork everyday, but some of these search engine terms that I see are really crazy. I wont be posting these as I have younger readers who come to this blog, but you can imagine the worst.

Anyways we all love Felicia Day and hope that she continues to help and create Geeky things for all of us. Live Long and Prosper Felicia Day!

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2 thoughts on “123. The Felicia Day Complex

  1. Blogger finally started tracking traffic in July, and Felicia Day is my second highest search term. Which kind of baffles me because I have no idea how many pages you have to click through the Google search before my blog pops up. It’s not like it’s a high traffic blog. People must scroll a long way for more mentions of Felicia Day.

    Felicia Day is amazing. I hope to do many more posts that mention the awesome things she does.

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