127. World of Warcraft…Again

So I am downloading the current patch of World of Warcraft. I dont really know why, I havent played in months, but with the new expansion coming out I find I am being drawn back into the wake that is WoW. I am thinking about starting a new character, a Worgen. A Worgen is a werwolf, and surprisingly is an Alliance character. In the new expansion Worgens are with the Alliance and Goblins are with The Horde. I find this VERY odd, because I have been through Duskwood and I am pretty sure Worgens are NOT Alliance material, but I could be wrong. The idea of starting a new character in WoW after the world has been completed changed is, well, fun sounding. I know, I know I go back and forth on loving, liking, and hating the game, but I think this will be a mild like for this time around, and will bring me entertainment when I choose to play.

One thought on “127. World of Warcraft…Again

  1. The Worgen are supposed to be cursed/infected humans, hence their alliance-ness. Although, it is a bit of a head-scratcher, since many of the undead are cursed, dead humans. Apparently, being cursed and alive is OK. Blame it on the pallys, I say. According to lore, they are the ones who chased the undead out of the alliance.

    Also, the Worgen starting zone gets a major reboot in Cataclysm, so it probably is a good idea to hold off analyzing the zones until then.

    I will almost certainly roll a new Worgen druid, which would have so many shape-shifter forms as to be almost comical.

    Personally, I am looking forward to flight in Azeroth.

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