A VERY Full House

I remember as a child watching Full House, and thinking to myself there are a lot of people in that very tiny house. The house seemed to go on forever with (from the top down) having a full size finished attic, upstairs with at least 4 bedrooms, a main floor with living, dinning, and kitchen areas, a garage, and full size finished basement. I was amazed at how comfortable everyone seemed living there. Well that was TV.

Today I find myself in somewhat of the same circumstances as Full House. A friend of ours moved in on Sunday, and we are happy to have her staying with us. She brings with her a wonderful four legged pitbull named Zurg. So the total count for the house is 3 adults, 2 dogs, two birds, and a cat. The dogs are getting along fairly normal, and the birds are loud as always. But overall we are in a good christmas spirit (even though Christmas is over), and looking forward to having our friend staying with us.

One thought on “A VERY Full House

  1. Eve moved in with you guys? What happened to the place where she was living? And I thought her hubby was back from overseas.

    Sounds like quite a “full house” indeed. Good thing you and Terra and Grace are taking it so well. I once had to move in with a married couple I was friends with back in Bremerton and I was glad that only lasted a couple of months. It can be tough having to live with someone, but especially when it’s a married couple who you’d think would want their own space. That’s definitely something I’d never do again, especially with how much I hate even living with my relatives.

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