Star Wars With A Horse

Part of the reason I dont like Episodes I, II, and III is because Lucas made the whole story of Star Wars about Darth Vadar. Vadar was made out to be one of the most powerful force users ever born! They even compared him to Christ by having him born as a “Vergance in the Force”. They put him up so high, and there is a real problem here…In the Original Trilogy he just isn’t a that much of a badass. In fact he acts more like The Emperors BITCH! The whole point of The Sith is for the Master to train the Apprentice, and then one day the Apprentice is suppose to kill The Master. This ensures that each new Master will be stronger then the last.

Vadar shows NO desire to be planning to overthrow and kill The Master. None whatsoever! He looks like he will do WHATEVER the Emperor tells him to do. So knowing that why did Lucas make him out to be this future Badass?????

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  1. He tries to recruit Luke as his new apprentice to participate in a plan to overthrow the Emperor and establish a Galaxy-ruling duo.

    Also, his name is Vader not Vadar.

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