Felicia Tuesday

This Weeks Felicia Day Stats

6 People Searched for “Felicia Day Nude”
4 People Searched for “Felicia Day Topless”
117 People Searched for “Felicia Day”

As always those of you searching for nude pictures of Felicia Day (or for that matter any women) are PERVS!

6 thoughts on “Felicia Tuesday

  1. Aside from whether or not wanting to see a beautiful woman naked would be considered perverted, surely you must realize that blogging about it in this manner actually *increases* the probability that such searches will be directed to this page.

    Sooooo, if you do think that is perverted, and presumably don’t want to encourage this, it would be a good idea to remove these posts and not create posts of this nature in the future.

  2. If you want to laugh at people searching for stuff like this, checking google trends will be much more rewarding. What your data shows is the *subset* of people who search for those terms who *then* clicked on your blog. The only reason they are doing that is because you are essentially search baiting that term with posts like this. Why would that be funny? Who are we laughing at, ineffective search engines? Content baiting? http://www.419eater.com/?

    The people searching for those terms are still going to do it, and still click on other links, and probably actually find that content. If you want to laugh at what people are searching for, go to the real data — google search trends, not the people you trick into clicking here by posting inapplicable key words and images.

  3. Clearly there is a strong demand to see felecia naked, now where is the god damned supply. #capitalism_@_its_finest

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