What Does This Say About My Morals

Yesterday I had no issues find the energy needed to workout.  I had plenty of anger to fuel me through my sprints on the treadmill.  On the TV screen in front of me was a news story about an infant who had been stuffed down a drain pipe.  The baby was alive, and eventually rescued, but I could not help wonder, who would do such a thing?!

Later that evening I was talking about this with a friend, and he said he felt all life was precious.  I sat quiet for a moment, slowly nodding my head, and suddenly realized I didn’t agree with him.  The thought took me by surprise, but the more I thought about the baby in a drain pipe, the more I thought about how some people don’t deserve life.

Chris and I continued to talk about our views on life, and he mentioned that many of the things that mankind does, is horrible, but who is he or I to judge.  At first, again, I agreed with him, but then I thought about it more, and found myself questioning that statement.  Once again I was surprised, but different scenarios started flashing in my brain, and I realized there were situations I could see myself being judge, jury, and executioner.

If someone were to murder my Wife, there is nothing that would stop me from tracking down the person responsible and ending their life.  The same goes for many of my friends and family.  Why in our society do we feel a group of twelve men and women who had no relationship to the victim, have the right to determine the punishment?  She was my wife, I should be allowed to pick the punishment.

There are many things in society that I think we just accept, but are they really right?  I am reminded of a Star Trek: Voyager episode where a man, who was convicted of murder, was cured after a brain defect was discovered in his brain.  The planets justice system allowed for the family of the murdered victim to decide their fate.  I remember thinking that I agreed with that type of justice.

We live in a society where convicted murderers spends 10-20 years on death row. Rapists are allowed to go free after “time served”, and so many other intolerable acts are allowed to permeate our society day after day!  Why do we allow this?  Is there anything that can even be done to change it?  Is revolution the only way to reset the system?  Has our society outgrown the need for government?

All of these questions are floating around in my brain, and some people I have spoken to sharply disagree with my questions.  They defend the system, and I wonder if they do so purely out of habit.   I wonder if they refuse to look at the reality of the situation and question it.

Other people I spoke to agreed with everything I said, and expressed having similar feelings.  It made me feel much better knowing I was not alone in my thoughts.  My question is…where do you fall?  What are your opinions on this subject, and why do you feel that way?

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