Parrots As Pets

When I was on my mission in CA I met a family with a pet bird. It was cute, and for some insane reason I decided I wanted one when I got home.

This is Peanut. She is a Ring Neck Parakeet, and we have had her since 2008. Most days I want to kill her! See there are several things about birds I was unaware of, or didn’t think were important when I got peanut.

1. They are REALLY loud! Even now in my basement office I can hear Peanut loud and clear.

2. They are VERY messy. I won’t go into detail here.

3. They live for 30+ years.

4. And you can’t get rid of them because they bond to their owners.

So if I were to give you any advice it would be this. NEVER get a parrot as a pet!

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