I’m Stuck – Dilemmas in Writing


-The following post is going to be a form of free writing.  I am trying to get myself out of a hole I have written myself into.  I am working on my book Dragon Riders: The Fall and am having difficulty describing a concept.  The book centers around 6 main characters.  3 of them have the gift of magic, however they have been ignorant of the ability for 21 years, so when they start manifesting their abilities it comes as a bit of a surprise.  Here is the problem I am having.  In my book magic is an ability that people are born with.  Its an instinctual ability like breathing is to humans, or swimming is to fish.  Its just something they know how to do.  It flows from them naturally and with little effort they can control the elements around them. When these three characters start to manifest their abilities each of them manifest in a different way.  While each experience is different they all share one common trait…The experience feels normal to them.  When they share their first magical experience with their friends they all recognize that they are talking about magic, and that they should think that is bizarre and weird, but for some reason they don’t.  They accept it, without question, and that is what is weird to them. Finding the right words to express this is proving difficult.  So enough procrastination.  Time to get back to work.  While I may be having trouble finding the words they are not going to write themselves. Have you struggled with a difficult writing concept before?  Something that you can understand in your head, but have a hard time decision on paper? How did you work yourself through it?

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