A New Beginning

Life is a strange and often interesting adventure.  It’s filled with experiences, memories, places, and people.  My life, however, has often felt more like organized chaos, then adventure.

Tonight, while I was working at the bar, someone told me that I had done a lot of things in my life.  This isn’t the first time someone has told me this, and it certainly wont be the last.  However, whenever someone tells me this, or some variation of it, I am often surprised.  I guess that is because its my life, so it seems pretty normal to me, but to others its not.

Ive lived in eight different states including UT, FL, TX, NC, CA, VA, TN, & WA.  I attended a school for the performing and visual arts.  I was a Lifeguard, and a certified Emergency Medical Technician.  I served a mission for the LDS Church.  I worked as a safety professional, and in large business acquisition sales.  I owned a gym, and built an amazing family of friends and clients during that time.

It seems in one way or another I am always doing something new.

Now, it seems, I am starting over yet again.  This time in southern California.  I have thought of moving to CA for a long time. Ever since I served a mission here.  Truthfully I never really thought I would be able to, but a part of me always hoped I could. After the events of the last two years I decided it was time for a change, and was thrilled when my adopted sister Kiri suggested we all move to CA together.

So here I am.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I like it here.  The weather is nice this time of year.  The sun is almost always shining, which is a really nice change from the dark overcast drizzle of WA.  But truth be told, I feel out of place here.

I lived in Olympia many years, and I knew the town well.  I knew where to get a sandwich.  I had my favorite bars and restaurants that I liked to frequent.  I knew my way around without having to use my GPS.  I had friends who I enjoyed spending time with.  It was my town.

Now I am back in CA, and even after a few months I still know little about the area or its local establishments.  I miss knowing where to go, and who to see.  And the problem with CA is that its so big.  If I was serious and explored southern CA for a year I would only just be scratching the surface of whats here.  I guess thats why I like it and loath it all at the same time.

But truth be told I am starting to settle in a little bit.  Just have an awful lot of exploring to do, and I hope I find some favorite places to call my own along the way.

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