Chapter Two

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The figure jumped only slightly at the sound of my voice.  As my eyes adjusted I could see slightly better.  The women in front of me had her back to me, and she was staring out my bedroom window.  Or at least what had once been my bedroom window.  She was wearing a white dressed decorated in some sort of flower arrangement, but the dress itself was tattered, torn, and very dirty.

In her right hand she held something.  I had to concentrate, squinting into the darkness to just make out the shape of my old teddy bear that my mother had given to me as a child.  It too look ravaged by the passing of time.

“Who are you, and what are you doing in my house?” I said trying to emote a tone far braver then I was actually feeling.

At the sound of my words the women in front of me stopped swaying back and forth.  Her back started to straighten, and I could hear her making sniffing noises.  Short and crisp at first, and then long inhalations, like someone enjoying the scent of a tasty meal.


The air seemed to grow cold, and suddenly every instinct inside me started to scream with alarm.  This was not my mother, and whoever or rather whatever it was, did not have supernatural-storygood intentions.

I tried to move my feet, but much to my extreme embarrassment, I found myself rooted to the floor in an overwhelming wash of terror.  I couldn’t move, and what was worse is I couldn’t take my eyes off the women standing in front of me.

This is a dream! I told myself. It has to be a dream!  Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

But I didn’t.  I just stood there, glued to the spot, as I watched the women’s head pivot 180 degrees, and stare at me through crystalline purple eyes.


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