Sometimes I Hate Humans

Yesterday was not a good day.  Most of the details I won’t be sharing online, but suffice to say when the end of the day came I was looking forward to laying down, turning on Game of Thrones, and drifting off into a comfortable sleep.

This didn’t happen.

As I was walking home, less than a block from my house, I saw a large truck drive down the street and toss a kitten out the window.  I was in shock for a few seconds, and then rushed over to see if the kitten was ok.

It was small, maybe a few weeks old, but it seemed to be fine.  I use the evidence that is ran off, extremely fast, into the driveway of my neighbor.  Somehow the kitten managed to get up into the undercarriage of my neighbors car, and he and I spent over an hour trying to get the kitten out.  Eventually the kitten came out on its own, but continued to run from us.

Now I know what you are thinking, how could one small kitten evade three grown men?

Well the answer to that is surprisingly well!  Despite our best efforts, and it being 1:00AM we gave up, and decided to go to bed.  I layed down, and enjoyed a couple hours of blissful sleep before being aroused and awoken by a loud and relentless meowing coming from my front yard.

The kitten had found me.

I went outside, and once again tried to capture the poor kitten.  The pursuit took me down the street and into another neighbor’s driveway.  Being now 4:00AM I felt uncomfortable investigating a neighbor’s driveway with a flashlight, so I again called it quits.

It is now daytime, and I have not seen or heard the kitten, but have been keeping my eyes and ears open, and hope that it’s ok.

As for the ASSHOLE who tossed that kitten out of the window, I pray that Karma smacks you across the face with a giant 2X4!

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