Harold the Zombie – Chapter 3

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A half hour later Doctor Mills walked into Louis’s hospital room holding a very healthy and happy Harold.

“Oh Doctor, is Harold ok? Can I hold my baby? Please?” Louis said.

“Harold is just fine, for now. George, Louis I want you to meet Doctor Igor Frankenstein. He is world’s leading expert in cases like your son. It was his knowledge and quick work that saved Harold’s life.” Doctor Mills said

George stepped up to Doctor Frankenstein and extended his hand, as Doctor Frankenstein took George’s hand and the two shook George said “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Doctor Frankenstein! The last two days have been such a world wind. First Harold was born, and then we were informed of his condition, and before we knew what was happening Harold was sick, and Doctor Mills didn’t know if he was going to make it. We love our son Doctor, and we want to do best by him. Doctor Mills has explained that Harold will have some special requirements, and that you can explain them to us. Please Doctor we will do anything to keep Harold alive, healthy and happy. Can we do that?”

Doctor Frankenstein looked George up and down, and then did the same with Louis. Louis, who was now holding Harold in a caring and very affectionate way, and George, who truly seemed to believe the words he had just spoken, were truly rare people.

“So you are fully aware of what Harold is?” Doctor Frankenstein said.

“Well not fully aware, because we don’t entirely understand it, but we know he is a, ummm, Zombie.” Louis said.

“And knowing he is a zombie doesn’t bother you, or make you afraid?” Doctor Mills said.

Both Louis and George looked at each other, pausing before speaking for only a moment.

“Of course it bothers us, and makes us afraid, but Louis and I have decided to look at this as any other birth defect. That being the case we want to learn everything we can, so we can help Harold overcome his defect, maybe even help find a cure.” George said.

Doctor Frankenstein raised his eyebrows and said “A cure? My good people I am afraid there is no cure, at least as far as we know or understand. Being a Zombie is part of who Harold is, it makes him Special, Unique, different. In a world that so often forces people to blend in, you would not want to take away the very thing that sets Harold apart from everyone else, would you?”

George and Louis hesitated for another moment, and then looked resolute before Louis said “Doctor we love our son, and will do anything we have to, as long as it keeps Harold safe, and happy. Can we do that? Can Harold live a normal life, and be happy?”

“I am sure that he can my dear I am sure that he can. However first things first you need to know what you are getting into here. I take it from your statements, and from what Doctor Mills has told me is that your knowledge and understanding of Zombies are almost nonexistent. Is this right?”

Both George and Louis nodded their heads.

“Right then, let me tell you a little secret. You are not alone in this limited understanding. I have already explained this to Doctor Mills, but the truth is Harold is the first Zombie that we have ever been able to study alive. Many have been studied post mortem, but never have we had the opportunity to study one from such a young age, and watch grow up. I would very much like that opportunity. Now I don’t mean to poke and prod Harold throughout his life, but I would like

to observe and report. Occasionally I might like to test a theory or two, but I assure you that none of my tests will cause Harold any harm. I also promise to acquire your permission before following through with anything.”

George and Louis looked a little uncomfortable. “How long are you talking about observing Harold? How do we explain to Harold who you are, and why you are performing tests?” George said.

“Excellent question my good man! I was hoping to observe him throughout his life. You can think of me as a family friend, and I do hope to become so. As for what you tell Harold that is entirely up to you. The tests I plan to perform are largely dietary in nature, so nothing invasive, or painful.”

“Dietary, what do you mean?” Louis said.

“I’m so sorry, I haven’t even explained. Here I am badgering on and on, and I haven’t even explained Harold’s dietary requirements. You see that is how we made Harold better. We fed him. Yes, yes I know he wasn’t eating your breast milk or formula. The reason for that is because Zombies cannot eat regular food like you and I do. They require blood, human flesh and human organs, and the particularly like brains.”

George and Louis looked horrified. “Blood, and brains, that’s disgusting! How are we supposed to feed him that?” George said.

“That’s part of the fun of the whole thing isn’t it? I wonder how a zombie will like it cooked? What a fascinating question I need to write that down. All of the zombies I have examined post mortem have had raw flesh and brains in their stomach. I wonder if Harold will enjoy not cooked or raw. Oh this is so wonderful!”

Doctor Frankenstein took out a small notepad from the inside pocket of his coat and began writing furiously. George and Louis looked like they didn’t know what to say or what to do. Louis was still holding Harold, but a little less affectionately and a little more like he would bite her any minute. Doctor Frankenstein after a few minutes stopped writing, and looked up. Interrupting the looks on their faces Doctor Frankenstein said “He’s not going to bite you my dear. He hasn’t got any teeth!” Amused by his own joke Doctor Frankenstein chuckled to himself, and then continued “Don’t look so frightened, Zombies generally don’t kill people. In my experience a Zombie will only kill if it hasn’t eaten in a VERY long time, and his instincts and hunger take over. We won’t have to kill anyone either, many of the things we will need to keep Harold full and happy can be acquired at local blood banks and county morgues.”

“How much will this all cost?” Louis said.

“Well, that’s the beauty of it. NOTHING! Not a dime! In return for letting me observe Harold throughout his life, I promise to make all the arrangements for Harold’s food, and pay for it. What do you say to that?”

“This is all a bit much. There are so many questions we have, and so many things that need to be thought about. Your offer is very kind, especially since neither of us would even know where to start with those sorts of things. Could we have time to think about all of this, and maybe come up with some questions we would like to ask?” Louis said.

“Of course, take all the time you need, but if there are any questions you want to ask know fire away.” Doctor Frankenstein said.

George and Louis looked at each other, and then the questions just started coming out at a rapid fire.

“Will he look normal, like everyone else?” Louis said.

“Yep, we just keep him well fed and no one will be able to tell the difference.” Doctor Frankenstein said.

“Will he be violent?” George said?

“No idea, I guess that depends on how you raise him.” Doctor Frankenstein said.

“Can he go to school, college, get married, have kids?” Louis said.

“Yes, yes, sure, and post mortem examinations show that Zombies are fully functional sexually.” Doctor Frankenstein said.

“Will he be smart?” George said.

“As long as we keep him on a balanced diet with brains, yes, you see Zombies use brains to help repair their own. With a balanced diet Zombies are as smart as you and I. With a concentrated diet, theory is they will become even smarter. A lacking diet, theory is they will become dumber, pardon the expression.” Doctor Frankenstein said.

“What if people find out? Will they be mean to him? Will they try and hurt him? What do we do then?” Louis said

“Growing up is a hard thing to do my dear. Find me one person who won’t tell you, if they are being honest, that school and growing up wasn’t hard. I doubt you will be able to find anyone. We can cross that road when it gets here. I imagine it will be difficult for Harold, but I have a feeling with parents like you he will do just fine.” Doctor Frankenstein said.

George and Louis smiled at each other.

“Now if there are no more questions I will let you get about to coming up with more. My offer is on the table, and I promise I will do everything I can to help Harold, and protect him. I want to be a part of his life.” Doctor Frankenstein said.

George and Louis looked at each other one last time. Finally they both nodded their heads. Louis looked up at Doctor Frankenstein and said “Welcome to the family Doctor.”

“Please, please call me Igor.”

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  2. A half-zombie baby would be one odd tale! lol This is ridiculously entertaining and I can’t wait for Chapter 4. I wonder if Harold is going to be a genius zombie, or ridiculously kind… MAN the possibilities!

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