Just To Be Different – A Follow Up

Yesterday my friend Kiri Callaghan wrote a blog post entitled Just To Be Different.  I loved every word of it, because it brought out a feeling that I have carried with me for a long time.  I, like my friend Kiri, would spend hours customizing the look and feel of my characters in games.  I can still remember the first time I played NeverWinter Nights.  I must have spent at least two hours adjusting everything about my character until I got it just right!

When it came to adjusting my own look & style I was no different.  I would find a look or style I liked off of a TV or movie character and try and incorporate it into my own personal style.  And it did not end there.  I would randomly rearrange the furniture in my room, or apartment, change the cut or style of my hair, mess with the display settings on my computer, and constantly tweet the notification sounds on my phone.

Today, not much has changed.  I am balding, so there is little I can do with changing my hair style.  However I have decided I like the buzzed head look and feel.  But I still enjoy customizing and changing different aspects of my look & style.  I have fallen in love with tattoos, and am quickly developing a list of tattoos I want to get.

I look around and see so many people who loose this sense of creativity.  They stop feeling their sense of unique expression, and they fall into the suite and tie mentality.  They start saying to themselves that they are an adult now, and should start acting like an adult.  Whenever I hear that I want to scream!  I am 32 years old, I make a good living, am responsible, own my own car, pay my bills, and live in a nice house.  That has always been the definition of being an adult to me.

Why did people start thinking that the only way you could be an adult was to give up all your creativity, and love for unique self expression!  I say this as I sit in my office, surrounded by other professionals, while I wear my brand new Doctor Who T-Shirt.  I was so excited when this shirt came in the mail, and I have really enjoyed wearing it today.

I guess my point is be creative, be unique, be different.  I don’t care if you are a child or an adult.  Don’t let the world dictate what you should wear, how you should style you hair, or if you should get a tattoo.  Do it, and be proud of it!

Star Wars Tattoo

OK I know its not Friday and I am a little early for tattoos, but I saw this and thought this was an awesome tatto, and I had to share.

128. Friday Geek Tattoos

I couldn’t find many tattoos this week, but here are a couple to tide you over till next Friday.

124. Weekend Geek Tattoos

Wow I wonder how she will feel about this when she is old!

I loved this book as a kid

This seems like a really popular tattoo

This would be a really HOT tattoo on Terra, she has always wanted wings

Ummmmmm WTF?!?!!?

I love DICE tattoos

Is she even IN the Clone Wars????

Harry Potter Tattoos are so in it seems

121. Friday Geek Tattoos

To Boldly Go Where No Tattoo Has Gone Before!



Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve.

I suppose some mutants could see Magneto like this?

10 Bucks to the person who can tell me what this says!

I love Spaceman Spiff!

Some people just love comics that much!

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101. My Tattoo

I have always found tattoos beautiful, and works of art. I actually really like art. Most people don’t know that about me. I am not sure what it is about me that makes people think I don’t appreciate art, but I do. The idea of finding that one piece of art that you want to carry with you for the rest of your life and having it placed upon your skin is just a cool idea. I have looked for the tattoo I have wanted for years. A couple times I thought I had found the one I wanted, and then after much thought and consideration decided against it. A few months ago I started thinking about the idea of getting words for a tattoo. Words have power, and if done right can be made into something really cool looking. Once i decided I wanted a phrase as my tattoo I started looking around for what I wanted. Now it wasn’t an active search, and I was not spending very much time on it, but I was looking around. I thought about many of my favorite quotes, but dismissed them for several different reasons.

A few days ago I came across the perfect phrase! When I read it I was blown away at how much it spoke to me, and how much I wanted to live by those words. I even have it taped up on my wall in y office now. I would want an artist to play with the words to create a design I would like to have, but the words are perfect.

Here is the problem. I am Mormon, and in my religion we are counseled not to get tattoos. The reasoning behind this are many, but the bottom line is your shouldn’t get tattoos in my religion. Just a few weeks ago one of the leaders of my church was here, and I had the opportunity to hear him speak. Straight out of his mouth he said “Dont get Tattoos!” But I want one, and always have!

I have been having a hard time with this, and to some I know may find this stupid and petty, but for me its been a struggle to deal with the fact that I want a tattoo, and my religious duty side saying that I should follow the counsel of a leader and church I believe in.