The Christmas Tree and the New House

So the week before Thanksgiving Terra and I moved into a house. We are really excited about it because we went from an apartment that was 925 sq. ft. to a house that is 1875 sq. ft. with a yard and two car garage.

Living in a house is much better then an apartment, but Terra and I are still deciding where everything goes and in what order we want things to be. This means that we have piles of pictures, boxes, and other assorted things all over the house.

However its Christmas and even though we dont yet know where everything is going to hang, go, or be placed we brought home a Christmas Tree today and are going to be put it up. So far the experiance has been going not as excpected. The tree we bought is too big for our stand. So Terra ran off to go get a new stand.

OK Terra went to Taget and got another kind of stand and we are literally up but not running. We dont run until Tuesday. (For those of you not aware of how that was a joke Terra and I run with a running group on Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

The problem now is we got the garlands up, and the lights are sort of on the tree….(sort of defined as only one strand of lights and only half way done). Terra requested we do the rest Monday. This is Terra with her “I dont want to do anymore tonight face”

But we are slowly making order out of chaos. Sort of?!

The Weekend

I am going to take the weekend off, to spend time with my Wife, and friends. We are planning on getting a Christmas tree this weekend, and I hope to have some pictures soon. We are also planning on attending a new ward for our church, and maybe rearrange our living room. Pictures soon to follow….I really need to get a camera that is not also my phone.

I hope you all have a great weekend!