Coming Back

Recently, I started to feel that ever-familiar urge to start writing again. I even went as far as starting a new blog on a site called Substack and writing a couple short posts. But that didn’t ‘feel’ right. My wife, Leslie, asked me what I was up to, and I explained that I had always enjoyed the art of writing. I even told her about this blog, and said something like “it’s still out there I am sure…somewhere”.

That got me thinking and after doing a few Google searches I was able to find this old blog. Most of the past posts are crap. The writing is sub-par, and I used this blog in much the same way many of us use social media these days. But this is where I started learning how much I enjoyed writing. This is where I started.

I could have started a new blog/website, taking the knowledge I have now, and pretending these past posts never existed, but what is the point of all that. We all have an origin story. We all started somewhere, and truth be told most of us are not very good at whatever it is when we first start something new. Why pretend it never happened? Why do we hide our imperfections?

So after some careful thought, and a great deal of work recovering this account (I couldn’t remember my password), I am back here where it all began. Hopefully, my writing has improved, but more so than just writing I am hoping that this site can be a place to share my thoughts, photography, creative expression, and more.

It is entirely possible no one will visit this site and/or read the words, photos, and thoughts I post here, and if that is the case so be it. But it feels good to be writing again.

As someone who lives with a very active mind, with thoughts moving across my mental eye at the speed of light, it is sometimes hard for me to calm and find the stillness in my brain. Writing has always helped with that. So it is my hope that in the future posts to come perhaps I will share something worth reading.

Till then…Thanks for stopping by. -AS

Today is Cordelia’s 11th birthday. I will forever be grateful for the fact that she chose me to be her companion.