Chapter 5

rottweiler1If you missed CHAPTER 4 you can read it here.

A big, dark Rottweiler was leading the pack, teeth bared, ready to strike. I took a frantic step backward, but I was trapped. There was no escaping this.

The Rottweiler sunk his razor sharp teeth into my left leg. The pain lanced through my body as I yanked my leg out of the beast’s jaws, ripping a hole in my jeans. I lost my balance and fell backwards into the dirt. With the rest of the pack closing in, I covered my face with my hands and curled in on myself.

I waited for the inevitable attack, for the moment when the entire pack would rip me to shreds.

I heard the growling and the snarling around me, but the attack didn’t come.

Suddenly, the growling began to fade, replaced by laughter.


“Mr. Peterson, what on earth are you doing on the floor?”

I removed my arms from my face and looked up. I was no longer lying in the dirt in my decimated neighborhood.

I was lying on the ground in the middle of my algebra classroom. My teacher, Mrs. Lewis was staring down at me.

“What happened?” This was apparently the wrong thing to ask, as the rest of the class laughed even harder.

“Evidently you fell asleep Mr. Peterson and fell out of your chair.” Mrs. Lewis gave me a pointed glare, though the corners of her mouth twitched, like she wanted to laugh but knew better.

I sat there stunned. It all felt so real. The run-down, abandoned town. The woman in my house.

The man and his pack of dogs. Had I dreamt it all?

“Mr. Peterson!” Mrs. Lewis yelled.


“Please get back in your seat so we can move on with the class.”

“Right. Sorry.”

I climbed back into my seat. The show was over and the rest of the class slowly returned their attention to the front of the room.

“You okay?” My best friend Will whispered from his desk beside mine.

“It doesn’t make sense.” I whispered back.

“What doesn’t make sense?”

“I fell asleep in history class, not math class.”

He looked at me like I was crazy, and maybe I was.

“Dude, you don’t have history until fourth period. You must have dreamt that.”


But I was certain, I’d fallen asleep in history class. I remember having this math lesson. I remember going to lunch. I remember going to history.

The two swollen bug bites were still on my arm and still itching.

My left leg was itching now, too. I looked down and my mouth dropped open. My pant leg was torn, just like it had been the Rottweiler attacked me.

I moved the shreds of fabric aside, already knowing what I’d find. Right where that dog had bitten me, was a circle of bright red punctures marks that looks an awful lot like teeth marks.

57. My Dream Last Night

So I had a dream last night that seemed to incorporate everything I have been involved with all week. Throwing all of that together and add a little of my brains imagination and you get a very interesting story.

The dream starts with myself, my Dad, and my Wife Terra. The problem was is we were not human anymore, we were King Crabs. We could talk and think like humans, but we were crabs. I remember we were walking along and having a nice conversation, when my Dad told us that the top part of his shell had come off, and he had to glue it back on. He demonstrated what he was talking about by taking the top part of his shell off and waving it around. Terra and I thought this was VERY cool.

I think this part of my dream came from Terra and I going to the beach this week and Terra trying to catch some crabs. We also saw a very large dead crab on the beach.

The dream then changed and Terra and I were riding motorcycles. We were driving out to my friends house but at the moment I didnt know which friend. As we were riding along the freeway my bike started having problems. I pulled over and started fiddling with the buttons and switches on the bike. I dont know why there were buttons and switches, but there were. Suddenly Bret Michael’s from Poison rides up next to me, and shows me what’s wrong with my bike. Now that its fixed we move on.

I think I had this part of my dream because Terra introduced me to the show The Long Way Round this week. Both of us have been enjoying the show, and even though I started in the middle of the show I plan to go back and start it from the beginning.

The next part of my dream involved my friends John and Pam. It was Christmas time and they were decorating their home and tree with cans and soda bottles. I remember feeling like this was a terrible idea, until I saw it all done, and it looked good.

I know I have spoken to John this week, but the rest of it I have no idea.

The final part of my dream involved me cleaning my room. The room was mine in our house in Cedar Hollow in NC, back when I lived with my parents. No matter how much I cleaned the room it wouldn’t get clean. I would always find something more that needed to be done.

I have no idea why I had this part of my dream. All in all though it was a restful night, and am looking forward to the weekend!

36. My Dream About The Ipad

So last night I only got about 2 hours of sleep. Why, you ask. Well the answer is Terra and I stayed up WAY to late, and then I had to be up at 3:00AM to pick up a friend who needed a ride to the airport. As I sit here at my desk writing this is occurs to me that the last time I was this tired I was in Thousand Oaks, CA serving a christian mission for my church. Lucky for me today will be an early day.

Anyways in the short time I was asleep last night my brain decided to entertain me by giving me a dream that involved the Ipad (What an unfortunate name). The dream took place during a meeting for work. I dont remember what we were discussing, but eventually I pulled an Ipad out of my backpack and started using it. Before long everyone at the table was envious of my new found possession. The meeting soon ended and I found myself in a hotel room getting ready to get on a flight home. Suddenly I remembered that I had only been loaned this Ipad from a local Best Buy store. They had taken a 300.00 deposit from me in case I didn’t return it. I sat on the edge of the bed in the hotel room pondering if I wanted to return the Ipad or just keep it for myself.

At that point I was suddenly outside looking out over a disney castle. The clock on the top of the castle struck 11:00PM. Suddenly the castle came alive with fireworks, lights, and disney characters all singing some song I cant remember, probably “Its a small world”. As soon as it had begun the singing, lights and fireworks were over, and I was left staring at a silent castle.

I realized I wasn’t alone and saw two girls standing near me that looked to be about my age. They were hurriedly writing something down. I asked them what they were doing, and they explained that the castle was a geocach and that you could only find the geocach during the lights, fireworks, and singing. I found myself disappointed I didn’t get to find the geocach, but vowed to myself that I would return the next night and find it. So I took out my Ipad, made the decision that I would keep it, and jotted a note down to be here again in 24 hours to find the geocach.

Thats when my alarm went off, and I woke up.