59. Cons and Exercise

So yesterday I had a conversation with my friend Richie. Richie and I made a deal last year that we wanted to work out really hard and go dressed as Spartan Warriors to

    Dragoncon in 2010. Both of us have worked really hard and done very well. I have lost 62 lbs, and Richie says he is in the toning phase.

    What I find interesting is that we are now at 72 days left till Dragoncon, and it seems that a lot of people are starting to workout for Dragoncon. On my twitter feed I have it set up to update anytime someone tweets about Dragoncon. Since we passed the 100 day mark I have been seeing a ton of people start talking about their Dragoncon exercise program, and diet plans. Most of them are doing this for the same reason that Richie and I are, to be able to fit into or look good in their choice of outfit. I mean lets face it, NO ONE wants to see a fat Superman or a Fat Princess Leia!

    This is the first year that I have really worked hard to lower my weight for a costume. When I started working out I weighed 262 lbs, and today I weigh 200 lbs. I am hoping to reach my goal of 180 lbs. As I was thinking about this I started to wonder what was the craziest thing someone has ever done when it came to working out and loosing weight for a costume. Also I would be interested to know what is the most amount of weight anyone has ever lost to be able to fit into a costume. I would love to feature some of these stories on my blog about peoples exercise and weight goals for a costume or a con.

    If you have a good story for how you lost weight for a costume or a con please submit it to jasonheilpern@gmail.com

    The best stories will be featured here on my blog. I know you are all so excited about that. Please try and contain your excitement.

    Till next time stay geeky!