Felicia Tuesday

Wow it’s been a REALLY long time since I posted! So I would like to announce….I’m back, and with a blog favorite 🙂

Who can come up with the BEST caption of this, our beloved Felicia Day 🙂


Felicia Tuesday

This Weeks Felicia Day Stats

6 People Searched for “Felicia Day Nude”
4 People Searched for “Felicia Day Topless”
117 People Searched for “Felicia Day”

As always those of you searching for nude pictures of Felicia Day (or for that matter any women) are PERVS!

Daily Perv Stats

So for all you Pervs out there. Here are todays daily Felicia Day Stats.

3 – People searched for “Felicia Day Naked”
2 – People searched for “Felicia Day Nude”
1 – Person searched for “The Guilds Guide To Felicia Day Naked”


Felicia Tuesday

I am not sure what Felicia is thinking here, but I like the picture. Oh and for the 61 people who search Felicia Day Naked today…You all need to get a life!

Felicia Tuesday

Today’s Stats
44 People Searched Felicia Day Naked
2 People Searched Felicia Day Nude

Someone also searched Felicia Day Tattoo?!?!?!

You guys REALLY need to get a life!

Felicia Tuesday

So my friend Hannah brought me back my very own signed photograph of Felicia Day one signed to ME, and the other signed to The Olympia Roleplayers. I was so excited, and can not wait to get them framed and up on the wall of the game room. I think I will do that tomorrow.

Felicia Day Tuesday (On Wednesday)

I am really behind on my postings! Im sorry guys, but life is well taking up a lot of my life right now. So let this Felicia Tuesday (On Wednesday) hold you over till I get back.