A Killer & The Dead

I have loved films and movies most of my life. Back before the age of streaming collecting movies and watching the DVD extras was a big favorite pastime of mine, and I always dreamed of being involved in films. So you can imagine my delight when I was invited by Austin Janowsky to serve as a BTS photographer on the set of his latest movie A Killer & The Dead.

For anyone who has never looked into how films are made…It is an extensive project requiring the creative talents of so many people. When people talk about giving their blood sweat and tears into a movie they are seldom exaggerating and most likely being literal.

The success of any such project is determined by the commitment and dedication of the entire team, and this past week saw a group of humans come together and work together perfectly. Were there setbacks? Yes. Were they overcome? Also yes.

So stay tuned for more news and details of this upcoming movie A Killer & the Dead.