A Day In The Life of Me

Earlier today fellow blogger and writer Shareen posted about being a Diva for one full day. It got me thinking about what my day would look like, if I could live it anyway I wanted.

The day would start by me waking in a king size, four poster bed, with silk sheets. I would walk into my beautiful bathroom, and enjoy the next few minutes in my awesome steam/rain shower.

Breakfast would be served to me by Billie Piper, and would include a healthy serving of coffee, eggs, and bacon.

The first few hours of the morning would be spent working on my latest book. I would enter into a trance as my finger flew across the keyboard, and by 10:00am I would have completed 5 maybe even 10 chapters with out even breaking a sweat.

At 10:00am Billie will refill my coffee, and then I will head out to the garage, and jump into my black 1965 Ford Mustang. The drive will be along the coastline, because I am rish enough to live in southern CA. Probably around Ventura, or Santa Barbra.

I will arrive at my gym with plenty of time to meet with a few clients privately. Some of these clients will include Kate Beckinsale, Charisma Carpenter, Madelyn Marie, and Eva Angelina.

These meetings would take me till noon.  Bille will show up with another coffee refill, and I would be off to train.

My personal trainer would either be Ashley Horner or Courtney Prather. Hey while we are in a fantasy world why don’t we say both of them. They would spend the next two hours sculpting and training my body into a full blown sweaty mess.

After training I would run some of my own training classes filled with the most amazing Fit Freaks from all over the world. Transporters are real in my fantasy world so this is possible.

At 6:00pm I would head out to the ocean for a beautiful swim and maybe even some surfing. I would spend an hour on the beach reading any book I felt like reading, and would soak up the beauty of the sun as it set.

For dinner Darren Hardy and I would sit in a restaurant and exchange ideas in an amazing brain storming session on success.

The day would end with my Wife and I spending a quiet moment together in our hot tub, talking about our day, and enjoying one another’s company. Afterwards we would climb into our HUGE hammock outside and fall asleep under a beautiful CA sky.

Yep sounds like a perfect day for me. 🙂 We now return to reality.