How Photographs Are Made

Taken at prometheus esoterica

Have you ever wondered how photographs are made? I am not talking about how they are developed, albeit that is a fascinating subject. I am talking about how photographers create photographs.

Artists of all kinds have this incredible ability to see something in their minds. An image is known only to them, and through their own talent, creativity, dedication, and hard work turn that simple mental image into reality.

When I first started learning the art of photography I started out by reading a TON of books, combing through photo collections, and I had an ungodly amount of Pinterest idea boards. Every once in a while I would pick out an image I really liked and go try to recreate that image. (9 times out of 10 my 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd attempt would go terribly awry. The photos would look NOTHING like the image I had drawn inspiration from. But every single time I tried the photo would get a little bit better, and I would learn a little bit more.

Eventually, I stopped looking at images on Pinterest, bc my own mind was coming up with great ideas all on its own. The process was the same though…try…fail..try again…learn. We get better through failure, and if there is one thing I am actually good at it’s failing up.

Sir Erin – Taken 2021 during a photoshoot

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