History Dressed With Style and Class

I had an unusual childhood.  While many of my childhood friends were watching Saturday morning cartoons, and the latest Disney movie, I was watching classic movies with my Dad.  Movies staring Cary Grant, Glenn Ford, Hope Lange, Leslie Caron, and more were common in my home, and I remember watching these films fascinated by the way these men and women dressed.

I always wanted to dress with the same kind of style as the actors I saw on screen, and I have been disappointed that society seems to be falling further and further away from such style and class.

This morning, as I slowly woke up from a full night of sleep, I was scanning Tumblr and Pinterest for old photos of style and class.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Carry Grant is the definition of sophistication and class. (1950’s)


I wish we wore more hats and suites in daily life. (1937)


Dean Martin & Angie Dickinson on set. (1959)


Diana Rigg (1967)


Dating in the 1950’s was a lot different then today.