5 Things

It’s been a hard year.  My life has changed significantly, & as we come to the close of 2015 I am disappointed at how little I accomplished this year.  My 2015 goals were abandoned along the road side early in the year out of a sheer need to survive.

But despite this being a hard year, I am grateful for some many things.  So here are 5 things that are going right in my life right now 🙂

  1. I am listening to Christmas music.  I know this may not seem like a big deal, but I assure you it is.  Last year I didn’t celebrate Christmas.  No tree, lights, decorations, or music.  This year I was so excited to begin the Christmas holiday that I had music playing on Thanksgiving.  As I listen to some of my favorite Christmas melodies I cant help but smile, and look forward to the Christmas season.
  2. I am picking up pictures today.  Now this may not seem like a big deal to you, but this is the first set of pictures I have actually had printed in years.  When I moved to CA, and started decorating my room, I hung several cork boards. However all the photos I have are close to 10 years old.  So I went through all my phones photos, and my online cloud storage, and selected a wide assortment of photos to be printed, and eventually hung on the wall.
  3. Star Wars is coming out in less then a month.  Need I say more?
  4. Yesterday Kiri, Sydney, Ken, and myself went to Disneyland for a family day at the park, and to enjoy Seasons of the Force.  While we were there we may or may not have taken this amazing picture.12307346_10205535694657551_7140249013968207326_o
  5. But perhaps the most important thing that is going right in my life is my decision to be happy, and move forward with my life.  It’s been a hard year yes, but I am not going to let those hardships define who I am or how I behave.  I have wonderful people in my life, and great opportunities.  So I am choosing to focus on the good instead of the past.

Finish The Sentence

  1. My exes … are honestly not something I enjoy thinking about.
  2. Maybe I should … make some more changes in my life.
  3. I love … the person I am becoming.
  4. People would say I am … wide variety of things, depending on who you talk to, and what camp they sit in.
  5. I don’t understand … people, and I am honestly not sure I want to.
  6. When I wake up … I generally want to go back to sleep.
  7. I lost … a lot over the last two years, but have gained even more, and feel grateful.
  8. Life is full of … happiness & tragedy, depending on how you chose to see life.
  9. My past is … something I learned from, and keep in a locked steel cage!
  10. I get annoyed when … I feel I give more to a relationship then I get in return.
  11. Parties are … not something I have gone to in a very long time.
  12. I wish … for things far too complicated.
  13. Tomorrow … is the start of a new week, and new opportunities.
  14. I have low tolerance for … idiots.
  15. If I had a million dollars … I’d be relived!
  16. I’m totally terrified … of my dreams.
  17. I am listening to … Christmas music.
  18. I talk … far more then I should, but not about the things I want to.
  19. My best friends … are weird, and I like that.
  20. My first real kiss … was when I was 14, and hardly anything to write home about.
  21. Love is something … I believe in.
  22. Marriage is … not something I like talking about.
  23. I’ll always be grateful for … my family and friends.
  24. The last time I really cried was because … of change.
  25. My cell phone … and I are attached at the hand.
  26. Before I go to bed … I usually watch an episode of NCIS till I feel sleepy.
  27. Right now I am thinking about … how messy my room is.
  28. Babies … are pretty cute, but also very messy.
  29. I get on Facebook … less and less the closer the presidential election gets.
  30. I really want to be … a published author.