Our New House Guest

You have no idea how hard this picture was to take. This is Soesha. She belongs to our friend Corinne. Corinne is currently in Florida at Disney World. She asked Terra and I to watch Soesha till December 12. Now this really isnt a bad thing, and Soesha is an adorable dog, but there are a few things that I didnt expect.

1. Grace is doing her usual I am the Queen of the house and try to assert her dominance by puffing her chest out, and walking in a manly, yet dainty, fashion.
2. Grace like to bark. Soesha likes to bark. Fred (bird number one) likes to squawk, and Peanut (bird number two) also likes to squawk. When someone comes to the door and rings the door bell, all hell breaks loose in our house as every animal in our home starts to make noise as loud as they can.
3. Soesha is a VERY small dog. Spock (our cat) is bigger then she is! I am not kidding! I now have to watch where I step as there might be a small animal under my large feet.

However despit all the noise, and small things under feet Soesha has been a wonderful house guest.

Oh and I meant to tell you how hard that picture was to take. I took a total of 15 pictures, and every time the camera timer would click Soesha would look away. It took Terra holding food in front of the camera, and me holding her to get that picture. I hope you are all happy. I did it for you readers!